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Category: SOLD Homes - Manufacturer: Avonlea

Model Number: AV668-0116

Avonlea 16 ft x 76 ft 3 bedroom 2 bath


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Stock home from factory

SOLD   Avonlea AV-668  3 bedroom 2 bath 1216 sq,ft.


This home features some of our newest options. 

-Upgrade beauflor Lino 
-Italia 100 cabinet doors 
-60'' electric wall mount fireplace 
-Napa beige Vinyl wall Panels 
-Pvc wrapped exterior door frames 
-15 light entry door 
-Solid shelving throughout 
-Tier 1 Home alone basic automation, 
- Upgrade moan kitchen faucet 
-Over drapes on shower curtains 
-Insulated rapid wall skirting package. 



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